The Promise

In December 2021, I wrote a short story called The Promise. Last month, I submitted it to the CCU | online Colorado Christian University Short Story Contest Challenge.

And guess what?

I won!

The prizes included a critique of the submitted work and autographed books by 21-time New York Times Bestselling Author Jerry B. Jenkins, a CCU water bottle, journal, tote bag, and a heavyweight sweatshirt blanket!

Besides these wonderful prizes, I had a delightful experience with CCU staff member, Tera Jewell, Digital Marketing Specialist, College of Adult and Graduate Studies.

Tera was so gracious through the pre-launch process and asked if I wanted my original or critiqued story published on CCU’s blog; if I wanted any additional changes made to the critiques, was the image to accompany my story okay; if I wouldn’t mind a slight publication delay because of website updates? Wow, I was blown away. Writers usually don’t have a say once a story is accepted for publication.

If Tera is an example of CCU’s service priorities, and I was applying for college, this would be my college choice.

In case you’re wondering if I had any additional changes to Jerry’s critiques, the answer is who would change critiques by a bestselling author of over 200 books in multiple genres, some adapted into a movie?!