Dear Friend,

You are amazing! If you haven’t heard those words lately, let me tell you again.

You are amazing!

I know that because you’re here, curious about grace and hope and God. And perhaps a little curious about the person behind those words.

I’m Dianne Marie Andre, first name with a fancy double n or spelling annoyance, wife to Iron Man, mother of two amazing sons and grandmother of three lovely teens.

Here’s where I would shake your hand, but since I can’t, let me tell you, it’s breathtaking to meet you!

I’ve lived through cancer and unfavorable seasons of doubt and fear and failed expectations while seeking the voice of the Shepherd. . . grasping onto God’s grace.

To hope in Jesus is the greatest gift! Wouldn’t you agree?

I started writing later in life, sought out night classes while working full time and then I up and quit to enter college. My desire to learn and grow is never thin. Activities like cooking and exercise are an interruption―I’m bad that way.

I love the gifts God has given to me―writing and photography―and find it hard to let them rest for even a moment―I’m also bad that way.

Adverse habits and uncontrollable circumstances are why I seek His grace and hope.

It’s why I’m here.

To tell you through stories and images

in this superb and messy journey of self-discovery

and sometimes unfair life,

you are God’s amazing creation.

Isn’t it wonderful that we can walk together―discover the miraculous works and love of Jesus through one another’s gifts and talents?

Here’s where we would hug, but since we can’t let me encourage you to lovingly hug yourself. Go ahead. Do it now.






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