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This inspirational tale takes you into the hearts of characters as real as the people in your own life. Parents and grandparents will feel Robert and Jenna’s grief; her shame for an ordinary decision she believes caused the disappearance of their only child.

New Cover!

New Cover!

While Jenna struggles silently with guilt, her cousin Lily arrives to offer domestic help. Robert distrusts Lily, who has a police record, but Jenna insists she’s sincere. When Lily and precious belongings disappear, Jenna decides Robert deserves better and withdraws from his affections.

Spouses will feel Robert’s confusion with Jenna’s rejections. Robert, easygoing and quick to forgive, is determined to save their marriage. When Jenna doesn’t respond and Robert loses his job, he falls into depression until a neighbor offers work doing what he loves.

Ashley’s Gift is a story about the healing power of self-forgiveness and understanding; a glimpse of God’s grace in all our circumstances.

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