Witter Springs Novella One: The disappearance of their only child forever alters their lives, but it’s Jenna’s buried guilt that poses a threat to their marriage.

Jenna’s cousin, Lily,  arrives to offer domestic help. Robert distrusts Lily, who has a police record, but Jenna insists she’s sincere. When Lily and precious belongings disappear, Jenna decides Robert deserves better and withdraws from his affections.

Robert, easygoing and quick to forgive, is determined to save their marriage. When Jenna doesn’t respond and Robert loses his job, he falls into depression until a neighbor offers work doing what he loves.

Ashley’s Gift is a story about the healing power of self-forgiveness and understanding; a glimpse of God’s grace and hope in all our circumstances.

5.0 out of 5 stars“I could not put Ashley’s Gift down. It was riveting. I like the author’s choice of adjectives used to paint the pictures; I could see it all in my mind. I can’t wait for the next book.” –Amazon Review



Witter Springs Novella Two: Secrecy has become a way of life for the woman formerly known as Lily Thompson. While the shooting of her husband, Benny, was self-defense, taking her adopted daughter, Ashley, and living on the run was a choice. Now she has new reasons to fear apprehension, and a greater will to do more than survive.

After changing their names, Blair and her daughter, Clema, flit from town to town, never staying anywhere too long or allowing anyone to grow too close. A work injury settlement leads to a new start in St. Clair, California, where Blair hopes to give Clema the chance to grow up as she deserves.

The fear of capture has given them a distrust of strangers, yet the offer of friendship from writer Max Fletcher, his grandson Liam, and even the mysterious Tobias is a step toward normalcy. But friendships can be riskier than they realize, as the past catches up, and the deception of their lives is about to be revealed.

And Lily discovers her greatest gift is the power of love.

5.0 out of 5 stars“… Although it deals with spousal abuse and child kidnapping, Lily’s Gift is inspiring. I liked the main characters. I intend to read more of Dianne Marie Andre’s work.” –Amazon review



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