The End of a Nine-Week Start, or is it the Launch of a New Beginning?

It has been nine weeks since I started blogging based on writing prompts in the Facebook group, Welcome to My World. Unfortunately, the admin has decided to close the group.

The writers in this group each served—and continue to serve online—a specific purpose to their audience. I’d like to tell you about them.

Shirley Corder shares the writing process and character development of her WIP (work in process.) I find her style engaging. She knows how to keep readers interested with the next bit of information. She’s honest about the struggles she encounters and then shares her journey and solutions. She isn’t shy about asking for her fans’ input regarding some aspects of the story. How fun is that? Readers get to be a part of the process, and so can you.

Deryn van der Tang has opened readers’ eyes to abuse, grief, art, and travel. Her posts are purposeful, informative, and well written, always offering hope through her faith. She takes readers on tour to the many beautiful places in the world where she has traveled and lived. Her attention to detail is incredible. As I read each blog post, I felt as if I was there with her. Swing on over and take a tour with Deryn.

Rob Corder began his journey with the group by teaching from the book of Habakkuk and how it relates to the pandemic…to life’s hardships and the benefits of relying on God to bring us through. He writes of God’s wisdom and the blessings of faith to draw us closer to the Creator. It’s a bible study packed with biblical background that one can apply today and in the future. It’s not too late to join in, read from the beginning of this study or start with the current post.

I’m going to miss the prompts at Welcome to My World.

Yes, it was a lot of work. But it challenged my writing skills, self-discipline, ability to meet a weekly deadline, and loyalty toward my cohorts and you.

It provided commonality among one another. It exercised my creativity muscle and direction for each prompt. Often I started going one way that turned messy before I discovered the message…the purpose of my words.

Writing prompts doesn’t work for everyone. And they won’t work for me all the time.

My season with them will change.

Meanwhile, I’m searching for a new writing prompt group…blogging inspiration for however long God provides something of value that will best serve you.

So, this brings us to the end of Welcome to My World and at the launch of a new beginning, whatever that may be.

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