Photo of the Month: The Christmas Star


We have reached the last 2018 Photo of the Month. I hope my images and books have somehow inspired you to press forward in your journey with family, friends, work, personal goals, God, and the gifts He challenged you to use.

Photography, writing, and loved ones are the joy that presses against my heart. Each keeps me moving forward when I feel defeated, betrayed, or disappointed in others or myself.

I recently read…

 I’d like to add…

Remember this as you look upon a poinsettia resembling the Star of Bethlehem which led the Magi to the Christ Child. Ponder for a moment, the thousands of generations and hundreds of thousands of times God has forgiven the sins of mankind, then brought to us the baby Jesus. Envision being prompt to follow a single star, the opposing views of others, the obstacles, doubt, and fears the Magi must have experienced along the way. Consider God’s unwavering faith and guidance of the wise men’s quest to complete their mission.

The Magi didn’t quit on themselves because God never quit on them.

I pray, you too will know God’s grace and hope in the coming year while pressing forward in your journey with family, friends, work, and the gifts God challenges you to use.

*Author unknown