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It’s A Special Day – All Day!


No party hat for this little guy. Not his thing. But we’ll play with his teddy, ride the tractor, take a nap, and then wait for him to sit on the front doormat…Ralphie’s way of saying, “Let’s take a walk.”


My Wonderful Pet


This month Ralphie celebrates his sixth birthday. My neighbor, who stopped by the other day said, “He’s the only grown dog I’ve known who looks like a puppy.” Wouldn’t I love to hear a similar compliment? You’re the only mature adult I’ve known who looks like a young adult. Do I sound a little jealous? You bet.

Unfortunately, six years isn’t young for a dog. It calculates at 40 human years and is considered a senior. The saddest part of having pets is their short lifespan. But while we have them, they do amazing things for us: service and encourage developmentally challenged, fill empty hearts with companionship and love, and even mend relationships. I suppose that is why I found it comforting to characterize a dog named Miracle in my sequel. Domestic pets have a lot in common with humans: both want to give and receive love.

In honor of Ralphie’s birthday, I’m starting a series, “My Wonderful Pet. Each month I will post a photo of an email subscriber’s pet in my e-newsletter.

If you’d like to show off your pal and receive simple submission entries, fill out the form below. Remember you have to be on my email list. You can do that by clicking the link on the sidebar.

Submissions should be received by the 15th of each month. Publication of your pet’s photo is based on date received (first come first served). Currently, there is no cutoff date. Copyrighted photographs not accepted. You will be notified by email with easy submission instructions.

I can’t wait to see your Wonderful Pets.

Best regards,

Dianne and Ralphie too!