Let’s Be 2015 Brave Life Warriors

Ralphie and his guest, Chewie, are ready for the New Year. DSC01518_edited-1They plan to engage in more playtime, bone crewing, and tail wagging. My goals aren’t that simple. In fact, they’re still floating around in my head. I suppose my first step is to write them down. Writing goals on the office blackboard (a converted sliding closet door), in my journal or on a piece of paper that I tuck into my bible with a prayer helps me to focus on what is important.

On the blackboard is an old list of things to purchase and a quote. The list includes a new camera, bedroom ceiling light, and a vegetable garden area. A side note reads:  Rob a bank! I can handle the light fixture, but the camera and garden area will require some green dough. Lots of green dough.

The quote is more reasonable: “What an opportunity . . . to confront change rather than simply react to it, to shape the rest of my life.”

Wow! That says it all. 2015 is an opportunity for all of us to be life warriors of courage and acceptance. We usually kick and scream at change because we don’t know what lies beyond the moment of impact. Then we get ourselves into a state of worry that sets off negative feelings and wasted energy. I know too well how this works.

This year, my prayer for you, friends, is that whatever changes you encounter in 2015, you will embrace them as a brave life warrior who is positive, purposeful, and productive.

As an incentive, feel free to list your 2015 goals under comments.

God bless and Happy New Year!


(If anyone knows who wrote the quote above, please let me know so I can give him or her credit.)

Five Christmas Wishes for You

Dear Friends,DSC01288_edited-1

This is my first year-end post and I want to celebrate by wishing each of you a sincere Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I pray you will have a prosperous 2015 filled with accomplished goals dovetailed with family, friends, career, play, and relaxation.

Be good. Be happy. Be healthy. Be blessed. Be a blessing.