This Week’s Prayer

This week, please join me in praying these words by Ralph Waldo Emerson for family, friends, and strangers of all ages and race.





This Week’s Prayer

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Stories of Grace and Hope

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FREE Best Practices: Quick and Easy Prompts to Give Hope

HOPE is an extraordinary human lifeblood most cannot live without. It pulls us through the toughest times, turns anxieties into positive thoughts, and motivates us to achieve personal and professional goals.


to one another through simple gestures and acts of kindness.



Throughout our lives we grind out many roles and responsibilities. During our busy efforts we forget to slow down, listen, smile, and hug our loved ones. We overlook the unfriendly sales clerk who may have received bad news or lives in a difficult environment.

Later, we wish we had taken a moment … had remembered to step outside of ourselves and given the gift of hope.



My FREE GIFT will help you to remember … to practice GIVING HOPE WITHOUT HESITATION.

No signup or personal info required.

Just click on the image at the upper left sidebar and download. It’s that simple.



You’ll get 30 printable, cut card prompts with simple guidelines.

Thirty prompts may seem like a lot.

But did you know GIVING HOPE even once weekly




I think you’ll discover these BEST PRACTICES of GIVING HOPE WILL BLESS YOU as much if not more than the receiver.

Now, go out and GIVE HOPE 30 WAYS.



Kindle   –    Nook

Stories of Grace and Hope

Just Pondering

A Moment of Expression—A Way of Living

“Grace is a way of choosing to be




Generous and trusting



Warm and Loving.”

Need to live fully right where you are?

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About the Images: These are spring buds on my pomegranate tree. The progression of the light reminds me of starting a new journey, timid and afraid before encouragement and peace are breathed and strangled many times over. No matter what season I’m in, there are old habits to conquer and new paths to experience. I find that I am able to best walk with grace and hope when I let go and allow God to lead the way. Deuteronomy 31:6

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