Christmas Blog Tour

Welcome to the CASCA (Christian Authors Supporting Christian Authors) Christmas Blog Tour. Please treat yourself to a moment of quiet by enjoying the works of seven writers (plus yours truly) who share their thoughts or experiences about the Christmas season. Here is the first of eight Blog Posts to be shared between now and December 22.   

The Nativity

by Dianne Marie Andre

Mary, mother of Jesus. My heart can barely grasp what an extraordinary woman she must have been to be chosen the mother of the world’s Savior. I imagine her perfect, without sin. Though this is unlikely, God blessed her above all women. Yet His path for Mary wasn’t easy. To avoid disgrace as an unwed mother, God instructed her fiancée to marry her and to travel together from Nazareth to safety in Bethlehem.

The young couple trekked on unpaved trails for four days along flatlands and over hills, possibly in freezing temperatures. When they reached Bethlehem, no doubt weary, they had to settle for a cave—used to house animals—in which to rest where Mary gave birth.

The least desired place for a birthing mother became the most honored and beloved story of all time. The young couple listened to God, trusted, obeyed, and persevered. Hard as it was—which many of us can’t comprehend just how difficult—God provided for them along the way and when they reached their destination.

I wonder if the world silenced to hear the first cry of the King. If an unidentified light glowed in the dim cave the moment Jesus entered the world. If the waters rested and the winds ceased. Luke 2:13-14 tells us after shepherds in Bethlehem were told of Jesus’ birth, the angels sang. We will never know the full magnificence of all that took place during the nativity.

What an honor it is to have included the nativity in my novel Dress Shop Miracles. It’s one of my favorite scenes as my characters traveled from a difficult path to hope, love, and miracles. I hope you love the story of Molly and Ted as much as I did writing it, and guess what?

I’m giving away one e-book copy of Dress Shop Miracles via Amazon Kindle.

To qualify for the drawing simply: 1) subscribe to my website; 2) comment below this article that you subscribed via Christmas Blog Tour. The winner will be announced on December 24, 2022.

To read the blurb click here.

I hope you’ll take a moment to enjoy a video with my 52-year-old nativity set honoring the birth of Christ.

Merry Christmas,

Dianne Marie Andre

4 thoughts on “Christmas Blog Tour

  1. Yes, I often wonder how Mary and Joseph countered the ‘scandal’ of her being unwed when she conceived. How quick people are to judge, when in fact God was the instigator and Creator of His own Son.

  2. I enjoyed your reflection about Mary and the birth of Christ. My nativity obsession … woops! … I mean collection, is what I enjoy putting up the most. My husband tries to find a unique one each Christmas to gift me. As small as an ornament or precious as a music box snow globe. I even found a rustic wooden one at Goodwill this summer! I have read your book twice, and enjoyed it even more the second time. Such a lovely story, Dianne.

    • You’re in tune with Debbie Macomber who collects nativities too. I have one set. I hadn’t thought about tree ornaments. I’m glad you enjoyed my latest novel. The nativity scene is my favorite. I get choked up every time I read it which has nothing to do with me or having written it. I hope others feel the same holy presence as they read it.


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