God Showed up at the Thrift Store

Most of us have longed to own something but couldn’t acquire it for different reasons.

Too expensive.

No place to keep it.

The kids need new shoes.

The electric bill is due.

It’s not essential.

 He remembers the red heels you tried on but didn’t purchase. He understands your dream to grow the beautiful flowers pictured in seed catalogs. And the food processor? He remembers that too.

So it was with me when God showed up at the thrift store.

I was browsing the used books when I read the words Tasha Tudor on the spine of a coffee table volume. I gasped then snatched it up like a thief. The store had an usual number of book shoppers that day. I didn’t want to make a scene with my zealous excitement, so I scurried around the corner to look inside. It was in mint condition. It was beautiful.

I first learned about Tasha Tudor years ago when Victoria magazine featured her several times as a children’s author, illustrator, and fervent gardener. Looking at the slick pages, I’d drool over her lush landscape and the delightful art I could only dream of owning.

Years had passed since I thought of Tasha Tudor, then that day in the thrift store she came to life once more. I realized, perhaps for the first time, God remembers what matters to me.

I purchased the $30 Tasha Tudor’s Garden hardcover for a buck.

We never know when something we once longed for will come to us years later.


Stories of Grace and Hope

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