As a Christian I don’t really celebrate Halloween. But I love the idea of children aspiring to be their favorite character and enjoying a fun time with Mom and Dad and friends.

And because I love pumpkin desserts, soups, and roasted seeds, photography, nature and this time of year, I played with a few of my photographs and came up with the one above.

The word BoO reminds me of the times my sister and I would scare one another when we were children. Remember those days? It didn’t have to be Halloween to make creepy sHaDoWs on the bedroom wall or tell sPoOkY stories beneath the bed covers with a flashlight that turned faces outrageously creepy.

The pumpkins bring back memories of all the years I grew and preserved my own pumpkin pie filling. They were the best my family ever ate.

There was a time in my life when I would have never entered a dark landscape to turn off a forgotten nozzle or retrieve a newspaper, let along take an evening stroll. But I have learned the only fear is what I imagine in my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I would not walk or encourage anyone to be out at night alone. I’m going to express that idea like it is–stupid!

But here at home–with a dog in tow behind a very private gated road–when the sky is kindled with a full moon and an abundance of stars, and the birds are softly chirping in the oak trees, being close to nature comforts me and makes me grateful for life and the beauty of nightfall.

Be safe and enjoy the night with family and friends.

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