The Last Chapter

Writers oftentimes experience loss after they complete the first draft, and again after editing and rewrites when the work is print ready.DSC01688_edited-1

I am at phase one, approaching the last chapter of my sequel to Ashley’s Gift.

For months I have listened to my characters. We  have cried, yelled, laughed a little, planned and schemed, lied and dodged police, hoped and wished for the impossible, struggled at being poor, marveled at being rich, made new friends, and had our hearts broken. We have hated the ones we love and loved the ones we hate.

That is a lot of emotions.

Truthfully, I don’t want to write the last chapter because I can already feel the characters intense emotions. I want to procrastinate. But doing so while they yearn to be heard loud and clear in their final episode would be an act of betrayal. For now I will brave the journey, lock away the impending loss, listen closely to my characters, and take on their passionate finale. Then I will step away and weep, but only for a little while.

2 thoughts on “The Last Chapter

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