Tough-Guy Demolition DIY

Years ago, Iron Man and I bordered the south and west edges of the back lawn with eighty eucalyptus trees. Once the trees matured, we had a beautiful windbreak, privacy, and shade. In time, though, the eucalyptus became messy and infested with redgum lerp psyllid Glycaspis brimblecombei. (Try saying that without hesitation!)

A couple of weeks ago, my husband decided it was time to venture into a DIY redo. He enlisted his buddy, Jerry Foster, who removed the eucalyptus trees with his backhoe. Iron Man cleared the trunks and roots with his John Deere tractor and sawed limbs and logs. It was a two-day tough-guy demolition event. A BIG DIY project that I avoided.

The following weekend, ten 15-gallon Aptos Blue Redwoods were planted on the south end. For now, we have lost our shade, privacy, and windbreak. But we’ve gained a wonderful vista of the rolling hills. When the redwoods mature, we’ll still have a west view of the countryside and privacy where it is needed.

I love that this project is done and how change can give one a new perspective.

What DIY project are you working on?





West view of the rolling hills.


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