When We Feel Gratitude for Others


Back row: Linda Toren and Lawren Keeler Front row, left to right: Jackie Heintz, Antoninette May, and Margie Vieira

Saturday, I attended a writer’s workshop for the first time. The session that I participated in focused on, “The First Three Pages of the Book You Were Born to Sell,” with NY Times best-selling author, Antoinette May.

Each attendee read the first three pages of his or her working novel, listened to Antoinette’s critique, then to comments from others in the workshop. I was grateful, and relieved, to hear excellent reviews from Antoinette, and the group, regarding my sequel. This means my readers will love the story. At least that is my hope.

Then, after my friend, Margie Vieira, read her work, I felt a special appreciation.

Since I met Margie seven months ago, I have watched her grow as a writer. She is a wonderful storyteller and has worked extremely hard to learn writing techniques. As I listened to Antoinette’s glowing remarks for Margie’s first three pages, I realized some of the best gratitude experiences are those we feel for others. What a blessing it was to be present for this well-deserved moment.



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